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drainage grate of yard catch basin

Drainage Solutions!

After a heavy rain, if you notice pools of standing water in your yard, you probably have a drainage problem. Allowing that standing water to remain in your yard can cause major lawn damage as well as damage to your home. Solving a drainage problem can be easy if you know what the underlying problem is. Once you have determined the source of your drainage problem, you can determine how to redirect excess water to a lower area on your property. Typical solutions to yard drainage problems include creating a drainage ditch, dry well or catch basin. In extreme cases, a new landscape design may erase the problem areas.

Your Drainage Problems Solved

Poor drainage is a common landscape problem and is one of the biggest killers of landscape plants in Alpharetta and its surrounding areas. Waterlogged plants and grass will die just as fast as too dry plants and grass; so, solving a drainage problem is imperative to the longevity of a healthy yard. In order for that yard to stay healthy requires proper lawn care and maintenance in addition to proper drainage.

Contact the Drainage Experts at Champion Outdoor Services today

At Champion Outdoor Services, we will identify and correct not only the problem of dead or dying plants, but we will help you solve the contributing factors that lead to the problem to alleviate more or future damage. Solutions typically take the form of improving your soil’s structure which includes:

  • Minimization of soil tillage;
  • Addition of peat and compost; and
  • Addition of sand, porous ceramics, expanded shale and calcined clay.

Other drainage problems can result from grading deficiencies. A yard with insufficient slope has a tendency to accumulate standing water during a heavy rainstorm. Thus, a lot of drainage problems exist simply because soil grading and leveling is inadequate. Subsurface drains are not a replacement of surface grading, but may help. However, for a lasting solution, you’ll want to have your site properly graded to direct water to the lowest spot on your property into a drainage ditch, dry well, or catch basin. Though sometimes costly and disruptive to existing landscapes, surface grading may be the best solution for poor soil drainage problems.

Champion Outdoor Services is familiar with the drainage problems we experience in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas. We have solid solutions to your drainage problems. Contact our Drainage Solution Experts for an analysis and corrective solution to your drainage problem.

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Our Client Reviews

Champion Outdoor Services

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Chrisla & Ted

You and your crew are doing awesome work!

David S.

They are excellent in every respect; go above and beyond to help on every issue. We tried many many services; Champion is far and away the best.

Warren W.

I started using Champion Outdoor Services a few months ago and found it to be a very positive experience. I have found this company to be professional, dependable and they make my lawn look better than it ever has.

Dale H.

We've used Champion for 3 different jobs. All were on schedule, high quality, and they did what they said they would do. One of the best things about our recent landscape redesign and install was that the person who did the design and estimate (Phil) personally drove the entire process, from acquiring the plants to directing and participating in the installation.

Glen Abbey

I wanted to send a note to you regarding this recognition of your work. Our yard was selected as the yard of the on the month by the Glen Abbey HOA and I have provided your info to the property manager to feature on our neighborhood web site. I want to thank you and your team for your hard work. This is your award.

Ash E.

They came out removed a number of bushes and seeded our backyard. The crew was great and the price was reasonable. I will have them back to complete the 2nd and 3rd phase of our project in the near future!

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