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Fescue Turf Care Alpharetta, GA

Fescue Turf Care

Fescue grass is perfect for sustaining a beautifully landscaped lawn year-round. Unlike some other grass types, fescue grass will stay green for the entire year. It is hardy enough to withstand cold temperatures and high areas of elevation.

Sandy or clay-like soil can challenge the development of a sustainable lawn, but fescue grass is well-equipped to grow in these areas. Not all fescue grass is the same – several varieties are available. Champion Outdoor Services can provide an expert analysis of your soil and garden conditions to recommend the best type of grass for your circumstances. Although fescue grass is rugged and dependable, it will require upkeep for ultimate sustainability.

Steps for Optimal Lawn Health

Regular mowing is a must for sustaining a healthy fescue grass lawn. Fescue grass should not exceed 2-3 inches in length. In spring, your fescue lawn needs weekly trimming, tailing off to less frequent mowing in the summer and winter.

Champion Outdoor Services recommends starting your fescue lawn from sod. Fescue sod should be laid down in the fall, as this is when roots will achieve maximum growth. If you are working with an existing lawn, filling in any gaps or patchy areas by overseeding must be done in colder temperatures to take advantage of this germination period.

Although a fescue lawn does well in sandy or clay-filled soil, regular aeration reduces compaction and lets essential nutrients and water reach the roots of your grass. Similarly, fertilization ensures that essential nourishment is provided to keep your lawn healthy and green. The amount of fertilizer and the frequency of application depends greatly on the type of soil and the prevailing climate.

Fescue grass can be impacted by several environmental factors. Encroaching weeds, diseases like brown patch or pythium blight and pests, such as white grubs or armyworms, will all seek to damage the look and sustainability of your lawn. Herbicides, fungicides and pesticides can act as a pre-emptive protection or address an infestation already in place.

Let Champion Outdoor Services Do the Hard Work for You

For a beautiful lawn year-round that can withstand less optimal soil, fescue grass is ideal. However, the upkeep can be challenging or daunting for many. Champion Outdoor Services can provide comprehensive services to those in the Alpharetta area. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Our Client Reviews

Champion Outdoor Services

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Chrisla & Ted

You and your crew are doing awesome work!

David S.

They are excellent in every respect; go above and beyond to help on every issue. We tried many many services; Champion is far and away the best.

Warren W.

I started using Champion Outdoor Services a few months ago and found it to be a very positive experience. I have found this company to be professional, dependable and they make my lawn look better than it ever has.

Dale H.

We've used Champion for 3 different jobs. All were on schedule, high quality, and they did what they said they would do. One of the best things about our recent landscape redesign and install was that the person who did the design and estimate (Phil) personally drove the entire process, from acquiring the plants to directing and participating in the installation.

Glen Abbey

I wanted to send a note to you regarding this recognition of your work. Our yard was selected as the yard of the on the month by the Glen Abbey HOA and I have provided your info to the property manager to feature on our neighborhood web site. I want to thank you and your team for your hard work. This is your award.

Ash E.

They came out removed a number of bushes and seeded our backyard. The crew was great and the price was reasonable. I will have them back to complete the 2nd and 3rd phase of our project in the near future!

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